Best VPNs For TV Box 2017

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vpn for tv box


Gone are the days of cable subscriptions with the massive flood of online streaming that has taken over the market. Companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus have shaken-up the home entertainment industry by taking video streaming to a whole new level.

Remember when you had to wait days and weeks for the latest episode of your favourite TV series to air on your expensive cable subscription? Or even worse, remember how frustrating it was if you miss it? Thanks to online streaming services, you do not have to wait for or miss your favourite TV series or movies ever again! Cable companies like HBO and FX have been in gruesome wars with cord slayer services like Netflix and Hulu ever since viewers started turning to the internet for entertainment. Viewers have found that not only subscribing to online streaming services is cheaper than cable subscriptions, but it is also cord free. This is where TV Boxes come in.

vpns for tv box

Now that online streaming has eclipsed cable and satellite subscriptions for the reasons mentioned above, there was one issue left and that is providing HD resolution on TV sets. That is why a TV Box is in demand, but it is not the only reasons. Let’s explore together what exactly a TV Box is and what has it become so popular among gadget lovers.

What is A TV Box?


Also known as “Multimedia Box” or “Smart TV Box“, a TV Box is a small device that is connected to your TV set’s HDMI port and connects to your router or any broadband device through WIFI to stream any web content on your TV. In a nutshell, it’s like surfing the internet through your TV. With a TV Box you have unlimited entertainment options, such as: browsing the internet, streaming media or playing online games at much cheaper prices than any cable subscription or satellite TV which restrict your personal entertainment and drain your wallet dry, not to mention all the hassle with wires, satellite dishes and cable everywhere.

There are numerous types of TV Boxes in the market today operating on several platforms (Android, Fire OS,  iOS, Roku, Microsoft, etc.) Such as: Android TV Box, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Nvidia Shield TV, GEM Box, Q-Box 4K, WeTek Core and so many more.

TV Boxes are definitely the new era of home entertainment, they are multi-optional, wireless, user-friendly and cheap. However, the fact that give users a fully integrated experience for web content on their TV sets is also alarming in terms of internet privacy and security. The last you need while enjoying your TV Box is getting hacked, phished or monitored by your ISP or any other threatening third-party. The whole idea of home entertainment is PRIVACY and FREEDOM. Not only that, but what if you would like to access a certain online streaming service, like Netflix, Kodi, HBO Now, BBC iPlayer, or Pandora but you are unable to due to geo-restrictions? These critical points must be taken into consideration if you are thinking to join the TV Box arena.

In order to enjoy a private and secure environment while using your TV Box and be able to access unlimited web content without any hassle, virtual network providers (VPN) are exactly what you need.

Best VPNs for TV Box

VPN (Virtual Private Network) operates by creating a virtual tunnel within the internet and mask your original IP address enabling you to surf the internet in complete privacy and anonymity. By creating a fake IP address, you will be able to also bypass any geo-restrictions and unblock any regionally restricted website. For example, if you are originally located in the Netherlands and can not watch your favourite movie on Netflix, by using a VPN, you will appear as if you are located in the US. So you can say bye bye to this annoying message:


On the other hand, there is a sea of VPNs for TV Box nowadays. It is highly important to choose the right VPN that would get the job done. There are several things to consider while shopping for a VPN service provider. For example, does it keep logs? How many servers does it have? Does it provide unlimited bandwidth? Will it boost your internet speed or slow it down? Therefore, we have selected the best VPNs for TV Box in the market today. Scroll down for more details.

1- ExpressVPN






One of the most popular VPNs for TV Box in 2017 is ExpressVPN. It is considered to be one of the fastest VPNs in the market. ExpressVPN boasts a large network of servers, 145 servers in 94 strategically selected countries which makes it one of the best VPNs for TV Box. This means that users can effortlessly go over geo-filtering and access any restricted web content. In addition, ExpressVPN is fully compatible with an array of platforms and devices, like: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux and routers.It also offers unlimited bandwidth for an ultra-fast online streaming experience. As for security and privacy, ExpressVPN relies on AES 256-bit OpenVPN (UCP & TCP) encryption for optimal security. It also supports L2TP, PPTP & SSTP encryption protocols making it one of the best VPNs for TV Box. As for privacy, ExpressVPN does not keep traffic logs so you can feel safe knowing that your browsing activities will not be monitored. One of the best features of ExpressVPN is that it has its own DNS servers and can be used on 3 different devices. As for pricing, ExpressVPN is affordable and offers 30-day money-back guarantee, making it indeed a top player when it comes to VPNs for TV Box.



 2- IPVanish










IPVanish is without doubt one of the most well-reputed and best VPNs for TV Box, especially Kodi. This VPN service is a kraken as it has over 25,000 IPs,700+ servers spread across over 60 major countries. IPVanish is a very fast VPN provider and is excellent for gaming and media streaming making it one of the best VPNs for TV Box. When it comes to security, IPVanish relies on a high-level security protocol (256-bit AES encryption) and supports more than 1 encryption protocol (OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec). The software includes a kill switch to maintain privacy on the internet at all times and is compatible with several platforms and routers. As for value for money, it does offer a free trial and a 7-day money-back guarantee.


 3- NordVPN

Another big player in the Smart TV game is NordVPN. Not only is it among the best VPNs for TV Box, but it is also among the best when it comes to security and privacy online, such as: shared IPs, double encryption, VPN into Tor, DNS leak and a kill switch. Its military-grade OpenVPN encryption makes safe for hours of internet activities. As for logging, it does not keep any. NordVPN boasts 799 servers in 57 countries, of course it is impressive, and it is fast enough but not as fast as it’s competitor, ExpressVPN.


Switching to TV Boxes has its pros and cons. It is definitely cheaper than cable and satellite TVs, gives you unlimited options to experience online streaming and gaming to the max, however, you are need to make sure that your personal data and browsing activities. Only the best VPNs for TV Box can guarantee that you will be safe and anonymous wherever you and whenever you are online.