Comparison between Proxy and VPN

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Do you know when you need to download a proxy and VPN software?

While browsing the Internet you find the racing programs to prove that it is best and must be downloaded soon on your device. Like proxy and VPN applications, which you find a lot on the internet and always encourages you to download them to your computer, and convince you that this program or that is the best and strongest and you will not find better than the program.

But what are the proxy and VPN and what are the real functions of both?

Due to the large number of sites that are blocked and user that trying to find a way to enable them to access to those sites that have been blocked, the first solution their find is download one of proxy programs or VPN and due to their desire to fast solution to open sites blocked there were not able to tell the difference between a proxy and VPN and what is best.

Proxy and VPN

1. Proxy:

Many people use it, especially in Arab countries due to the presence of a lot of blocked sites in those countries; the proxy is the mediator between the user and the Internet. When you use proxy software on your computer, what the program does is to request any site you request so you can have access to the sites which have been blocked.

A proxy is basically a middle-man between you and the site you’re accessing. In doing so, it keeps a version of the most visited websites in its memory, making it faster to access them. On the other hand, websites that haven’t been visited lately get saved into the cache memory. Additionally, a proxy can either let you unblock content or actually even block content for you, depending on its usage.

A proxy used by a school or office may block users from accessing certain sites that don’t conform to their usage policy. It lets the network administrator log individual users’ visited URLs. This allows for supposedly increased productivity, protects from outside threats and lets the admin block inappropriate content.

2- VPN programs:

VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks and there are several usages of it. where the VPN program after using it to establish your own fake network, is working to encrypt all your online data, and give you different IP from the IP address of your own so you can access to the sites blocked, as a result of your Internet connection and data encryption, it becomes impossible for any person, or even your own internet service provider to monitor or follow your browsing records.

Proxy and VPN what is the best?

For both the proxy and VPN software has its own advantages:

1. Most proxy programs are free, but the users of those programs discovered that this is not a feature in the proxy because of the ads that are frequently filled by proxy programs.

On the other side most of the VPN programs are paid programs, but on the other hand do not find any boring ads.

2. Proxy programs do not provide the user with the necessary protection and safety and it may cause a large number of viruses and hackers passage to the user’s machine

But, VPN software gives the user more than the necessary protection and strongly needed by the user.

And in the end, and very brief comparison between the proxy and VPN software is always tell that VPN is better.