Egyptian Facebook users should pay $11 monthly to the government

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“Egyptian Facebook users should pay $11 monthly to the government “ this headline has been trending on Social media in Egypt for the past 2 days letting all consumers worried about what is going to happen if FACEBOOK should be paid for ?

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With 2 of terrorist incidents happening around in Egypt especially the recent “Palm Sunday Church Attacks “ the parliament suggested that there should be some charges to be added on the Facebook users in order to observe who utilizes the online networking and to keep the utilization of web-based social-networking stages from being used in prohibited ways.

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The parliament here rejected the human rights contentions against such observing, expressing that national security requires such checking, and especially as individuals from the prohibited Muslim Brotherhood and fear associations use the web-based social networking.

Of course all normal individuals and people who are not connected to any of these associations are worried of being tracked down and speaking about around 40 million Egyptians internet users, how will this capacity use the internet or Facebook without being tracked down.

BVPN service for Security and safe surfing:

BVPN is a fairly new VPN program that allows you to change your IP address easily and also ensures that you can surf the internet with no fear of being tracked or even paying any extras for using the Facebook. As shown before if the statements proposed by the government are approved then you should change your IP to bypass paying fees for using Facebook.

BVPN is owned by ISPIRE technological services, the company behind WaselPro and IWasel vpn services. They have been operating since 2012 which lets us trust them. BVPN has produced the SMOKE™ innovation which utilizes OpenVPN 256-piece AES encryption which is powerful. This with 60+ worldwide servers running admirations gives BVPN full responsibility for securing process.


The SMOKE™makes BVPN one of the most prominent in Egypt as it is guaranteed to impede the Egyptian Government oversight and most strikingly the new suggestions of paying for Facebook usage.


BVPN is additionally guaranteed to anticipate transfer speed throttling by ISPs who can’t spot when clients are spilling applications on web.


BVPN is very reasonably priced at 9.99$ per month and you can get a money –back guarantee with the first 7 working days if you are still not satisfied. Like most VPNS BVPN offers tiers of different other plans six months and 12 months too.

So, now despite everything you will be able to browse on Facebook through BVPN, yet you will get different IP from this application. BVPN tends to utilize an IP which is less demanding by the authorities to recognize and square. A VPN IP is more private and harder for a spilling administration to distinguish. However in this cat and mouse catch game, you should use a perfect application like BVPN which will give you access to that restricted or needed to pay content.

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