Best VPN for small business

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Sometimes you need extra time to finish your work from home; especially most of small businesses may require continuing some works on another place outside your office. Of course you will need to some of important files or folders from your office PC. Virtual private network is one of the most effective ways to remote access your distant work from another PC. So, many of small business will be happy for knowing best VPN for small business.

Best VPN for small business

What are the benefits of using best VPN for small business?

VPN enables a computer that is outside the corporate network to connect to other network that is located inside building like your home network.

VPN allows users to access internal resources as we mentioned above like file shares, particular applications, and printers. Sometimes the VPN need a client from the outside computer to access the network, on the other hand some VPNs don’t need to set up a client to access the network and this via SSL “Secure Socket Layer”. Some VPNs allow using the two methods either using a client from outside PC or using SSL.

Few tips before showing best VPN for small business:

Sometimes you don’t need installing a full VPN network to access the network from other places in case of very small businesses. Like a single computer from home want access a single computer in the office, you will be in need to something like remote desktop apps “GoToMyPC” to connect between the user and his office in the company (using VPN for file sharing). But if business requires multiple remote connections, you will set up a full VPN network.

Which is best VPN for small business between SSL VPNs, PPTP VPNs, or IPsec VPNs?

We will highlight each one of these VPN protocols to choose best VPN for small business carefully.

IPsec VPNs:

IPsec VPN is one of the best VPN for small business; it provides secure remote access through client application on the remote system and a VPN terminator on the small business network.

The VPN terminator is also considered firewall that can protect corporate network from Internet, but it can also be a stand-alone device. This device allows VPN connections meets specific criteria such as “Shared Secret”. If the client is not match the setting of VPN device, it won’t work.

Operating system like Mac which has the ability to connect to Cisco and other IPsec VPN devices, as for Windows depends on third-party VPN software to provide IPsec service. Also there are some mobile devices that support IPsec connectivity which may be best VPN for small business of your own work.
Example of IPsec VPN to download


In the past it was considered one of best VPN for small business. PPTP stands for Point-to-Point tunneling protocol which is implemented by Microsoft in Windows 95. However, nowadays PPTP is not used because of security issues. But till now some of VPN devices support PPTP VPN connection like Windows 95, and Mac OS X and some of smartphones still support PPTP VPN connection.

It’s better to use other mentioned best VPN for small business like SSL and IPsec VPNs.


“Secure Socket Layer” VPNs is the most suitable and best VPN for small business because it doesn’t need to a client preinstalled to connect to the corporate network “clientless”.

SSL VPNs are often configured when a remote user opens a web browser and connects to a predefined URL. If you do not have DNS server from your provider, this URL may be an IP address. Then you will insert username and password, once authenticated, you may be taken to a web page that has an icon to connect to the VPN. Then you click on this icon to download a small applet from the SSL VPN device that runs on your computer and acts as a VPN client. This means that you do not need to preinstall client as you do in IPsec VPNs.

Some devices offer both of SSL and IPsec VPN options while others provide only one of them.  So, choose the best VPN for small business carefully.