Best ways avoid Malware attacks

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Of course searching about best ways avoid Malware attacks is the most important thing that is must be taken in our consideration, how to stay safe online and protect our hardware from bad threats and spyware attacks. When our computers are behaving abnormally or slowing down, we often think there is a virus in our PCs. It is not necessary to be a virus, there may be some malware attacks either it seems to be either harmful or annoying.

best ways avoid Malware attacks

What is Malware?

Malware is a short for “Malicious Software” which is specifically designed to disrupt or damage a computer system. It may attack your Computers through many tricks either browsing the Internet or connection to anther harmful device infecting your PC.

You will need to know more about best ways avoid Malware attacks due to the insecurity you face from Malware programs which may affect badly in your PC performance at all.

We will not prolong, let’s define best ways avoid Malware attacks.

Best ways avoid Malware attacks:

  1. Install Anti-Virus or Anti Malware Software

There is no doubt about this step to stay protected from any harmful malware programs. This is the first way from best ways avoid Malware attacks.

It is very important step to utilize from Malware protection programs. You will find some of them are free and other are paid, but you must have one of them in your PC to keep it away from any spyware or malware attacks.

  1. Keep your Anti-Malware software up to date

The second way from best ways avoid Malware attacks is to keep your Anti-virus/ Malware software is up to date to prevent any hack entry from trying to damage your computer system.

It is very important step; there are many anti-virus software programs. For example; there is a security package provided by Microsoft for free which is very efficient with high protection and many of people do not pay attention for such as this amazing program in addition to the one that is mentioned above.

  1. Scan your PC constantly and periodically with your Anti-virus/ Malware software

This step is very important from these best ways avoid Malware attacks, many of people forget to scan their computers from time to time. So, you must put a scheduled scan from your Anti-virus/ Malware software to stay protected all time even if you forgot to scan it, your PC will take this step itself as you set it to scan automatically.

You can let it working at night, when you finished using it. Because such as these software may slow down your activities, so you can allow it to work when you are off.

  1. Keep your Operating System up to date

Of course you must have the last version with all updates of your operating systems. Which means; if your operating system is “Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or any other OS”, keep it up to date because operating system’ developers are always releasing security patches that fix any security infiltration and these patches will help you to keep your computer more secure.

And it is the same with your Anti-virus/ Malware software; so keep it up to date. As you know Malware programs and virus are always created.

You must take these best ways avoid Malware attacks in consideration.

  1. Secure your connections

In another way, we can say do not connect to an open Wi-Fi connection and make sure it has a strong password required to access it. We always need to connect our computers to the Internet or printers for some business purposes. So, there is no doubt from attacking bad Malware programs to your PC to steal your own private information such as bank deals or shopping online with your credit card.

Best ways avoid Malware attacks1

Using WPA or WPA 2 is one of the best ways avoid Malware attacks. WEP is no longer used because it became less secure than before and it may be bypassed by experts.

  1. Never click what you do not trust

There are many websites which are unknown and thus not trusted. So, never click such as these pirated websites. The same for unknown person emails; do not click on any email attachments from anonymous person or company you do not know.

Especially if there is an URL attached. So, before you click to see what the link is for. If you have to download a file from the Internet, an email, an FTP site, a file-sharing service, etc., scan it first before take any action with it. Good anti-virus software will do that automatically, but do not forget to make sure of the link first.

  1. Keep your private and personal data safe

When I talk about personal data, of course you will remember your private information in your social media accounts in addition to banking account and shopping online, plus business deals. The most difficult thing to keep it safe all the time because the hackers have many tricks to steal your personal data using social engineering, they will access it easily by gathering more information from more than account until they can access your banking data.

So, it is one of the best ways avoid Malware attacks is to keep your personal information safe, be careful on message boards and social media. Lock down all of your privacy settings, and avoid using your real name or identity on discussion boards and social media.

  1. Stay away from Open Wi-Fi

As we mentioned above, do not use any open Wi-Fi without any required password like in the airports, coffee shop, and library. Think about it, what the malicious programs will do if they found people connected freely in an Open Wi-Fi.

So, it is one from best ways avoid Malware attacks.

  1. What about backing up your files?

Basically, it is the most important one of best ways avoid Malware attacks. Imagine you can access your files from any place you backed it up. Like an external hard drive “Portable”. Because if any malware program tries to damage your files, you can find them anywhere you backed up them.

10. Use multiple strong passwords

It is also an important way of best ways avoid Malware attacks to use different passwords for your accounts like online banking account. Typically we use the same email and password for almost social media and other business account and by this way, anyone can steal them easily. If you use the same one for all accounts of you and this password is figured out, it will be fast and easy thing to hack you anytime “just one click”.

What about alternative and easy way to stay away from Malware attacks?

You can make use of the unlimited VPN clients for your PC or even if your mobile phone. Virtual private network is considered a way of best ways avoid Malware attacks because you change your identity and your IP address during your online usages.