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BolehVPN is a VPN service provider that has its office in Malaysia.The company has been around since 2007 and they are well-reputed for being one of the best VPN providers when it comes to  privacy and security. Therefore, we have decided to test the service and write our review based on their free trial service. Scroll down for more details.


BolehVPN is fully compatible with various devices, such as: laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets and routers. BolehVPN also supports the following platforms: Windows, Mac, Linus, iOS and Android. As for routers, it supports Asus-WRT Merlin, DD-WRT and Sabai Technology routers.

Servers & Bandwidth

BolehVPN has only 35 servers but they are well spread globally across 13 important countries, such as: Canada, USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland.

As for bandwidth, BolehVPN offers unlimited bandwidth in all packages. This means that they won’t throttle with your internet speed so that you would be able to enjoy unlimited browsing, streaming and downloads.


BolehVPN boasts about its advanced military grade security features and we agree. For example, they don’t support PPTP encryption protocol as it has become noticeably weak in terms of security, rather “extinct”. They support, however, 1024-Bit RSA OpenVPN and and AES 256-Bit L2TP/IPSec encryption protocols. We usually recommend relying on OpenVPN of all protocols for its speed and security.

Moreover, BolehVPN allows P2P sharing and torrenting while using L2TP/IPSec which makes peer-to-peer sharing very secure unlike other providers that support P2P sharing through PPTP.

It is very clear that the team behind BolehVPN understands the whole idea of what a VPN is about. Their strongly secured infrastructure would allow users to roam the internet, stream media and share data in highly secure and private environment without being detected by other servers, ISPs, firewalls or any other third party.

BolehVPN Privacy Policy

“We take your privacy seriously and will take all reasonable measures to protect your personal information.”

This is clearly stated on BolehVPN privacy policy section. Let’s analyse this statement and then decide whether it is in fact true or not. First of all, BolehVPN is located away from the FIVEY alligence which includes: US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This means that it does not comply with data retention laws and logging.

Moreover, BolehVPN publishes a monthly “Canary Warrant” in case they are subjected to any jurisdictions. This kind of transparency builds trust between VPN users and their provider to make sure that their personal data and online activities are complete private and secure.

As for logging, BolehVPN says that they do not keep traffic logs, timestamps, bandwidth, personal IPs or DNS requests. However, they have also mentioned that they may keep some records in case of violations or any criminal activities. They have also mentioned that they may only release personal information if requested by law enforcement. They may also use logs in cases of urgent troubleshooting procedures. Finally, their strict privacy policy gives them the right to terminate any account in case of violations.

Price Plans

BolehVPN offers 5 different price plans as follows:

- 7 days for $3.70

- 30 days for $9.99

- 60 days for $16.99

- 180 days for $44.99

- 365 days for $79.99

bolehvpn prices

Payment Methods

To further its security and privacy measures, Boleh relies on anonymous payment methods which are more comforting and convenient than regular payment options that require registration of personal data, like: full name, date of birth, location, payemt details, credit card numbers, etc. BolehVPN accepts the following anonymous payment methods:

- Bitcoins

- Dash

- Monero

- Zcash

- Zcoins

Free Trial & Refund Policy

BolehVPN offers a 1-day honest free trial through which you can test their services in full force. We were offered a 2-day free trial to take BolehVPN for a spin.

As for refunds, BolehVPN does not offer any refunds or money-back guarantee. So, we suggest that you test everything before making a purchase.

Windows Client & Speed

We have downloaded BolehVPN Windows software on our system to try it out and evaluate its performance. We faced some hassle at first as we were unable to connect to any server even though we have already registered for a free trial.

bo client 1

We contacted the customer support and they were very responsive as well as equally helpful. They activated our free trial and after following the installation process on the website (which has to be followed step-by-step), we were able to use the service. Here is how it went:

1- You need to register for an account

2- You will receive an account activation e-mail

3- Download the client

4- Insert your username/password

5- Choose an encryption protocol (we chose OpenVPN)

6- Select a server from their global list of servers

7- Click “Connect”

boleh vpn client 3

As you can see, the application is very smart and very well-designed. The dashboard section contains all that is needed to manage your connections and monitor your daily speed. While the settings section includes features like: kill switch, DNS leak protection, auto-reconnect. There is also settings for Proxy connections, should you wish to use Proxy servers.

jhkjh client 2

We tried connecting to several servers and our internet speed was very slow. However, when we connected to “France” server, we noticed an obvious increase in speed and as a matter of fact we are connected to it as we speak. It has been working seamlessly all day.

BolehVPN Features & Services

BolehVPN is packed with attractive and important features that every VPN service should have, such as:

Kill Switch

DNS Leak Protector


xCloak, which scrambles traffic to make is difficult for ISPs to track your location.

As for services, BolehVPN offers its subscribers such as game hosting services and BolehGeo for streaming media (Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Youtube, Hulu, etc.)  by bypassing geo-restrictions.


BolehVPN does not provide live chat support. Meanwhile, their e-mail ticketing support team is very responsive,friendly and helpful. There is also an informative F.A.Q section, blog and forum.


BolehVPN definitely lives up to its reputation. We are very glad that we have tried this service. Our only dissatisfaction is that they do not have live chat service or money-back guarantee policy.