SMOKE: A New VPN Tunnel to Evade China’s GFW

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China is best known for its booming economy and at the same time aggressive internet censorship. Thanks to the most advanced internet censorship system in the world; the Golden Shield project (also known as the Great Firewall of China), most of the essential, top visited websites worldwide are being blocked there, including all Google services (search engine, Maps, Docs, Mail, Picasa etc…), social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc…) and other websites such as Yahoo, Wikipedia, Sound Cloud. Number of blocked websites in China has reportedly reached 2000 and increasing.

The Great Firewall of China’s role is not actually limited to blocking websites; it was designed to prevent any attempt to get around its censorship systems. GFW blocks Tor nodes and that is why it’s not a reliable method to access blocked websites in China. It also detects VPN connections and therefore blocks them. So, while there are tens of VPN service providers in the market, only a few will actually work in China.

Introducing best VPN for China …

As explained above, for VPN to work in China, it needs to avoid being tracked by GFW.  B.VPN was one of very few VPN services that applied OpenVPN over SSH; a tunnel through which VPN connection is transmitted. This worked as an extra layer of encryption that hides VPN connection and it makes it nearly impossible to distinguish by GFW.

But GFW is constantly updated; bypassing GFW is a tricky game and what works today may not work tomorrow and that is why b.VPN has developed its own custom protocol SMOKE.

Find out more about Smoke and how to use it

 Smoke is a customized UDP (User Datagram Protocol) tunnel that is especially developed to defy Deep Packet Inspection technique implemented by GFW with as minimum disconnection as possible. Moreover, Smoke maintains connection speed and guarantees your browsing and downloading will not be affected, if not even better.

Smoke is currently available in b.VPN for Windows and Mac OS with 30 minutes free trial daily for Japan, Germany, France, California and New York servers; no registration, no credit card required.

Download b.VPN HERE

Follow installation steps according to your operating system whether it’s Windows or Mac.

Once installation has finished and b.VPN window has opened, click “Pin” button and click on the server you want to connect to


Click “Gear” button


Check “Smoke Tunnel” radio button


Click “Connect”

b.VPN offers other amazing features

3 day free trial for Android & iOS, registration required

Constantly updated network of servers in 10+ geographic locations

Unlimited access to all servers for paid users

Variety of protocols; OpenVPN, SSH, L2TP/IPsec

 Variety of secure payment methods, Bitcoin included

Apps for all operating systems

Live chat support 24/7