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Truecaller application was launched in 2009 in Stockholm And it embodies the largest documented community in the world for cell phones, which helps users to know the identity or the figure of their caller, add this to the access to the numbers people the user may wish to contact them by using the “global phone book”, which is the most comprehensive of its kind in the world.


Truecaller is subjected to continuous updates with the full commitment to the integration between the community and the information that is collected from users, which helps identify intruders “Troublesome” callers and the other notaries “real”.

Truecaller is an application that gains access to give your mobile devices a safe environment by helping someone who does not know how to contact you. Also if a person has got your number from somewhere you have the right to know the identity of this caller.

What are the main benefits of implementing Truecaller?

There are three basic advantages to apply Truecaller: the search feature, find out the identity of the caller, and block annoying communications.

Search application Truecaller property

True caller user searches easily for any number in the world whether it is landline number or a mobile phone number to prepaid card users can get to know the identity of the person trying to reach you.

Users can apply the Truecaller also search by names. And when the user requests information about someone application sends a text message to the person asking him to allow the participation of his information or rejection. Thus, the person will have the option either to participate his details and contact information or reject and block the caller from the use of any means of being able to contact him again.

Know the identity of the caller in the application of Truecallertruecaller

True caller application provides the user to know the identity of the caller before answering it, even if Caller ID is a landline or a mobile number or prepaid. This feature is only available for Android and BlackBerry BlackBerry and Symbian Symbian S60 and Nokia X.

Block annoying calls Spam Blocker in the application of Truecaller feature:

True caller application also gives users direct access to a growing list containing the most annoying caller’s numbers in the world, which allows them to quickly and easily block, received from those numbers that have been identified as “spam” callers.

How many users Truecaller application on different platforms

We currently have 65 million user applications True caller and we expect this figure up to 100 million by the end of the year 2014. The witness application True caller about 160 thousand downloads per day through various platforms such as Android and BlackBerry and iPhone and Nokia X and Symbian S60 and Series 40 and Windows iPhone.

How many users of the application Truecaller in the Middle East and North Africa

Truecaller has a very large presence for users in the region spread over 18 countries, numbering 17.5 million users; the application has grown by 200% in the region in the period ending in May 2014 compared with the same period of last year. Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are in the list of countries in the Middle East and North Africa for users of the application True caller.

True caller application is available and can be reached in all the Middle East and North Africa, but the restricted access to the application’s location in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

How to unblock this useful application?

Introducing WaSeL Pro, an application which allows you to unblock truecaller and makes its use easy and with no restrictions

WASEL Pro is a VPN administration which acts as a benefit that permits you to associate with the Internet specifically through our servers situated far and wide, and gives you a chance to skim the Internet quick, without restriction and completely secured.

By utilizing WASEL Pro VPN administration, you can scan the Internet unreservedly with no restriction, Make VOIP calls through Skype, and accelerate your Internet association.

Utilizing WASEL Pro administration issues you the benefit of skimming the Internet secretly and completely secured. The association between your PC and our servers is scrambled, and much secured. Programmers and information sniffers won’t have a shot of coming to your mobile because of your scrambled association and new the ip address you get when you are associated with our administration.

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