Use FaceTime and Spare your cash with BVPN

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One of the best countries nowadays which a lot of people love to go to is United Arab Emirates. A large number of tourists are moving to Dubai for work as this nation is profoundly created and gives incredible working conditions.

Other than that Dubai is to a great degree prominent touristic goal and countless go to Dubai for excursion and rest. What is great in Dubai is that free internet association is given in numerous open spots, similar to bistros, inns and eateries, even on the shorelines and in the parks.

However internet control in UAE is intense and many webpage and administrations are obstructed in the nation.


The Saddest is that all VoIP administrations and applications like FaceTime, Whats-app, Skype, viber, line; Snap-chat Etc. are all hindered in UAE. So workers can’t keep in contact with their families utilizing free VOIP calls and videos. In order for these individuals to contact their families they need to pay for extremely costly portable calls or try to get Free VOIP calls with secure VPN.

FaceTime is like many VOIP applications like Skype, Viber, Line or webchat. Clients can make video calls to family and companions for nothing. All they need is just an internet connection and BVPN preinstalled on their IOS device.

Luckily BVPN is one of the protected and secure applications that permit bypassing and unblocking FaceTime on IOS. BVPN Shrouds your IP address thus you can without any problems to sidestep any restrictions and any UAE geo limitations.


But here the question Arises? Is it safe to use VPN in UAE and is thefacetimeuaenore any chances of being caught or tracked down?


Defiantly the answer is, yes. BVPN offers a secure and solid VPN that can’t be recognized. Especially with the introduction of SMOKE, The newest addition to the set of protocols offered by BVPN. This technology allows you to browse internet freely and securely with no any logging or any spying on your surf. It is just the perfect choice for you to utilize this application while managing your internet account or even while you are purchasing something on web.


How can I unblock FaceTime On my IPad / IPhone?

First of all you will need to create an account and register on the following link:


Please follow the instructions and fill in the form then you will be asked to confirm the e-mail you used while registering so make sure you use a valid E-mail.


After confirming your e-mail you will be asked to make a valid payment in order for you to make use of the application on your IOS device.

There are 3 price plans where you can choose the suitable plan that convinces you.

  1. A monthly plan for $9.99.
  2. A Six Months plan for $50.
  3. A year plan for $90 which we recommend as it is as low as $7.5 per month that is around 20% discount.


You also have many ways of payments offered by BVPN which are all convenient and easy to use

payment methods



Now and for a limited time you can visit only through this article and make sure you claim your 3 days trial voucher where you can test our speed, security and reliability.


After activating your payment make sure you download the appropriate application from your iTunes or from here


just After downloading the application and setting it up connect to any of our servers and give it a try! and Yes you are now chatting and smiling to one of your friends on FaceTime!!


Make sure you try BVPN with FaceTime and let us know how did it go by leaving a comment down here