SpotFlux VPN Review

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SpotFlux is a progressed VPN Application that permits you to surf the web with serenity and privacy.  It is an incredible application which is very easy to install, provides you with a secure and encrypted connection plus it allows you to reach all the restricted sites that are blocked by your ISP.



SpotFlux is classified as one of the free VPN applications although it provides you with paid memberships a mobile only and a SpotFlux Premium which you pay for it yearly. SpotFlux is generally new VPN Product. It’s a New Player in the market which is accessible for windows, Mac, Android and IOS.


This application’s installation is exceptionally straightforward and does not require any arrangement. Simply all you need is to download the application, install it and there you go connecting to whatever server you choose.

Server Locations:

At Present, SpotFlux offers different server locations for example: US Based IP addresses, Singapore, Netherlands, Japan, Germany and France. By Associating with SpotFlux servers you will have the capacity to unblock any blocked sites like ABC player, Pandora, USA Network, Netflix etc.

Another advantage of using this application is that it permits you to sidestep the firewalls especially in any workplace. So, on the off chance that you are searching for a simple application to get to Facebook, twitter Etc. from your school or from areas like Middle east, Brazil, china or any area that placed censorship rules on using internet, SpotFlux would definitely be a perfect choice for you.

Encryptions and privacy:spotFluxscreen

SpotFlux VPN gives you SSL 128 encryption to ensure that all your actions are protected.

The free SpotFlux VPN scrambles your information regardless of the possibility that the web is being utilized by any outsider application. With the SSL 128-piece encryption at your administration you can prevent the sites from tracking you and investigating your online exercises. It also has various encryption like PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and IPsec.

Benefits of using SpotFlux:

SpotFlux offers you a considerable measure of security other than hindering your IP in order to bypass regions, it also saves your data from been used by phishers.

What a lot of people like about this administration is that it is totally free and does not require any specialized information for set up.

SpotFlux is accessible for windows and Mac and additionally in cell phones.


Client Support:


SpotFlux always gets a zero when it comes to its client support. If you need to converse with their chat staff and ask about your inquires you will get advised that there live chat is only available to the superior clients “as they said” which is annoying that if you want someone to answer your quires then you should be a paid user. Also by going through many paid clients, there are a lot of people who need assistance and even though they are paid customers they didn’t get any answers to their inquiries.


The Organization certainly appears to be extremely encouraging. On the off chance that it keeps enhancing its administrations, it would inevitably turn into a choice VPN. Being a free of Charge VPN also makes a choice for people who can’t afford paying for a VPN although they worry about their security.

In General, SpotFlux VPN is a very good choice for a free VPN. It offers stable associations and it doesn’t have promotions flying up on your screen especially if you are using the free option.