D-Link DI-808HV Router Allows L2TP IPSec and PPTP VPN in China

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The D-Link DI-808HV is a superior broadband switch with secure information transmission intended for office or home usage.

This switch offers a distinct option for the expense restrictive point-to-point network of rented lines. This router allows L2TP IPSec security to VPN programs, empowering you to extend your system to remote systems, for example, your office or your trusted supplier, to go about as though the two one single LAN.


Transmission Security

The DI-808HV keeps your classified information from being hacked, what’s more, messed around with when going along general society Internet to your destinations. Allow VPN incorporate go through of numerous simultaneous IPSec and PPTP VPN sessions for remote transmit of data. Through VPN burrowing conventions, the switch can privatize your correspondence channels. You can securely trade mail and information with your head office over the Internet, without trepidation of perception, adjustment, or satirizing.

With backing for up to IPSec burrows, the switch can give adaptable VPN execution for information to be classified. Bolstered information embodiment, encryption and confirmation alternatives incorporate IP ESP, DES, 3DES, MD5 and SHA-1. This empowers you to complete apps, for example, VPN systems, including Intranets, Extranets, and remote client access.


The router utilizes an exceptional configuration ASIC to perform VPN encryption and unscrambling. This off-burdens CPU stacking through equipment based increasing speed.

The router gives firewall security utilizing State Packet Inspection (SPI) and programmer assault logging for Denial of Service (DoS) assault assurance. SPI reviews the substance of all approaching parcel headers before choosing what parcels are permitted to go through. Channels can be set taking into account Windows address, MAC address, IP location, URL and/or area name.

VPN server mapping is utilized to re-errand administrations to different servers.

The switch can be set to permit separate FTP, Web, and Multiplayer amusement servers to have the same Internet- IP location while as yet shielding your servers and workstations from programmers.

You can design any of the implicit LAN ports of the switch to capacity as a DMZ port. A DMZ setting can be connected to a solitary customer, (for example, a Web server) behind the DI-808V to completely uncover it to the Internet and guarantee complete Internet application similarity regardless of the fact that the particular port is not known. This permits you to set up sites and e-business applications from your office while keeping up insurance for whatever remains of your office LAN.

With 8 inherent Ethernet switch ports supporting 10/100Mbps system rates and auto MDI/MDIX attachment and-play, the switch gives prepared association with workstations and servers, sparing you the expense and inconvenience of introducing a different LAN switch.

The switch is intended for simple and vigorous integration among heterogeneous models based system gadgets. PCs can correspond specifically with the switch for programmed opening and hutting of UDP/TCP ports to exploit security given without relinquishing usefulness of on-line applications for example, conferencing.

D-Link DI-808HV Router VPN Features

- Allows IPSec pass-through.

-Allows PPTP pass-through.

-Allows L2TP pass-through with data Encryption.

Countries where you can buy D-Link DI-808HV Router

China, Denmark, Finland, Singapore, Australia, Japan, India, Middle East, Turkey, U.S.A, Iberia, Sweden, Norway, Chile, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, Taiwan, Canada Europe, Germany, France, Benelux and Italy