VPN For Android Common Issues, Problems and Fixes

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Here and there even the best laid arrangements go amiss. This aide is proposed to assist you, and in addition us engineers, with working out any issues you keep running into utilizing VPN for Android. This aide expect that you have taken a gander at the help documentation accessible for VPN for Android.

General bug reporting.

Data that may offer us some assistance with figuring out the reason for some issue are:

a. A regulated portrayal how to make the issue show up.

b. A screen shot (in the event that you happen to have the troubleshoot screen introduced), or depiction of what you see on the screen (e.g. any blunder messages).

c. The framework log. There are a few applications accessible in the business sector that let you make a far reaching bug report containing information about the gadget and in addition a log of the late action. A basic one, that works is: Bug Reporter

d. Send your provider an email with the above data, thus we hit you up.

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1. Including a VPN for Android record doesn’t work

On the off chance that you can’t even include a record, that is, subsequent to including a record, it doesn’t appear in the rundown of VPN records, then there’s a noteworthy issue. We’re clearly extremely worried about settling this kind of issue, so on the off chance that you keep running into it, please take after the general bug reporting rules above.

2. Uniting doesn’t work

This won’t not be a bug in the 1 VPN application, yet rather an issue with the VPN for Android backing, or even an issue not identified with Android by any means. To begin with gone through the accompanying check list.

Take a gander at any blunder message that you may get. They frequently given a sign of what may not be right. It might be the username or secret key, authentications, a few issues with the server, et c.

Take a stab at joining over wifi. On the off chance that the VPN for Android works over wifi however not over portable association (GPRS, Edge or whatever you may be utilizing), the issue is not the application, but instead that the association is too moderate or simply dismisses by the server.

Have a go at associating utilizing the Android manufactured as a part of VPN settings. That is, from your home screen menu click: Settings>Wireless and Networks>VPN settings. At that point include the association and take a stab at joining. On the off chance that this fizzles, it implies that the issue lies in the VPN for Android bolster, or on the server side. Regardless, it’s nothing that can be altered by the 1 VPN application.

On the off chance that you do have an association that works when utilizing the Android VPN Settings, and is arranged the very same route in the 1 VPN application yet doesn’t join, then please send us a bug report. If you don’t mind incorporate accurate information about how VPN is arranged (clearly do exclude secret word or any data like that). It would likewise help us monstrously on the off chance that you could incorporate a framework log (see above on the best way).

3. Known issues

On the off chance that you utilize a CyanogenMod ROM then you may see that 1 VPN for Android doesn’t associate. To settle this, you should do nothing more than to associate a VPN once utilizing the Android settings. This will make some missing framework records, and after that 1 VPN ought to work without an issue.

Settled starting 1.5.9: Samsung Galaxy S (II/4G)

We have various reports that beginning from Android 2.3.3, some of these telephones don’t care for the 1 VPN for Android application any more. We’re sad for any issue this may have brought on our clients. We’re dealing with discovering an answer, however since it is not a predictable issue (on a few telephones it chips away at others not) it is entirely precarious disconnect the issue.

Settled in 1.3: The gadget doesn’t generally respond

We’ve gotten a few reports on varieties of this issue, where the gadget doesn’t appear to respond promptly, or requires clicking twice to join.

We trust this is altered in the latest discharge (1.2) yet in the event that regardless you keep running into this issue, please tell us, and send your provider a bug report.

4. Different issues.

The above issues are the ones that have become obvious from the clients, yet in the event that you discover different issues, then don’t dither to send your provider a bug report.

In case you’re encountering association issues on your Android gadget, ensure the accompanying is valid:

Your Android OS is 4.x or later

Your Android is not established

You don’t host another third gathering programming introduced that can meddle with Internet Settings, for example, a delicate Firewall, another VPN application or a battery administration/screen darkening application

You have overhauled to the most recent VPN for android version of your provider form from the Play Store

On the off chance that all the above is genuine and you experience difficulty uniting, please attempt the accompanying:

On the off chance that you can’t unite after an upgrade:

For Android 5 Lollipop: Reboot gadget. On the off chance that despite everything you can’t associate, please ensure you have overhauled to the most recent adaptation accessible in the Google Play Store.

For Android 4 and prior: Please ensure you have overhauled to the most recent form accessible in the Google Play Store.

On the off chance that regardless it doesn’t join or drops association before long, attempt the accompanying:

Change WiFi settings

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced > uncheck Avoid poor association (choice accessible on a few gadgets)

Go to Settings > Manage Apps >your VPN provider. In the App information screen, tap Clear information.

You should sign back into your Elite record. In the application,

tap your VPN symbol > Sign In > enter your Elite accreditations and tap Sign In.

Reboot your telephone and attempt to unite once more.

Incapacitate “Brilliant system switch” (choice accessible on a few gadgets)

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > uncheck Smart system switch. At that point attempt to interface with your VPN for Android.

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